How to network interface like ubuntu gnome in manjaro xfce?

Previously I used to use ubuntu gnome which has a better interface when it comes to network and used to give me special option to turn of WiFi or Ethernet or Airplane mode but i don’t see any of those options in manjaro xfce. So can some one tell me how to have that interface in manjaro xfce or a toggle any toggle switch interface for network settings. Please this is important as my ethernet and wifi card are consuming a lot of power. So turning off them will give a better battery life.

You have a icon to control NetworkManager in your panel - left and or right click gives you those options.

… wow - 2.76 W for the Ethernet interface
that can’t be right

I don’t know why but this is pretty consistent all the time at least i am using the WiFi but Ethernet I am not able to find the issue please help me i am a noob when it comes to manjaro.

Its not giving the option to turn of wifi alone or ethernet alone.

a right click on the icon does give me the context menu with these two and some more options

How to turn of Ethernet only but have wifi on? but its not giving the option to turn off wifi is there any app which gives better control on network interface.

you are correct - just turn off Networking completely or switch on/off WLAN

There is tlp - it used to be installed by default.
It is an interface to power saving options
similar to powertop

Can’t help you further - sorry.

Alternatively (to tlp)
the powertop tool you used to visualize the power consumption
also has a “tunables” tab
which should/could enable you to change the power settings on the ethernet adapter as well as many others
This could assist you in making configuration changes.

PowerTOP |

… does the ethernet adapter which consumes so much power even work?
maybe an incorrect driver?
maybe a different kernel will improve things?
… just suggestions, things to try …