How to mute individual apps in Gnome easily?

I really, really hate inability to mute sound in apps one by one. The only thing I know is a pulse audio control app or pulling slider in quick menu all the way down(with extension that adds sliders for individual apps).

Is there a better way? Something…

didn’t understand exactly what you want, may be this gnome extansion help you:

Mute sound in apps, individually. Like in KDE where you can press on an icon in the taskbar and mute it. Something like this.

Slider in quick gnome menu not good enough?

For each app?
I mean yes, I have an extension that adds slider for each app. And there is an extension that allows to mute/unmute by clicking on the sound icon… The problem is they’re incompatible, so I need to move slider all the way down(which is fine, whatever) and then try to move it back to the 100%, which isn’t as easy.
Plus if I want to remove extension that adds these extra sliders for individual apps(and I do want to remove it) - I can’t do ■■■■, since it’s the only way to mute app A, while still having sound from app B.

There are of course apps for that, but that’s inconvinient, since I need to either hold it open all the time, or open it each time.

He wants something like this:


And so do I. Any suggestions?
Maybe an extension?

Found this but for Gnome 42. Haven’t tested in current 44… wish me luck!

Doesn’t work… but I found another one!


But that’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks!
I had other extensions for quick panel that add mixer, but they were ruining it’s layout and I couldn’t mute source by just clicking on it, had to move the slider. Here both are fixed.

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