How to multiboot RaspiOS, KDE and Gnome OS in raspberry pi 4?

I don’t know if this is possible, but it would be nice to be able to multiboot RaspiOS, KDE and Gnome OS in raspberry pi 4 with GRUB. BerryBoot looks promising but afaik do not have KDE or Gnome boot options. Any ideas on how to do this would be appreciated…


Yes, it can be done.

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Did you generate those text entry by installing GRUB on UEFI?

I installed grub, but replaced the grub.cfg with my own, just a simple menu. grub-mkconfig does not look for kernel8.img, so it will not generate a menu without making changes to the files in /etc/grub.d/. You can leave the default grub.cfg and just create a custom.cfg file with your own menu.

There is currently an issue with using uefi and a devicetree with a rpi kernel. It will boot when configuring the uefi with ACPI only. Anyway, doing the multibooting can be done, but it is not without issues as it all basically bleeding edge and things break. But that said, if you still want to give it a try, this might be helpful. If it does not boot, try downloading the latest uefi zip file, unzip it, and copy RPI_EFI.fd to your /dev/sda1 partition, overwriting the one installed. See the for info on configuring the new uefi.

thanks for the instruction. it is truly bleeding edge