How to move Steam games to external hard drive?

I gotten a new Int 7200rpm HDD and new Encloser recently and how do I use the Drive for my Steam Games. I did a Backup yesterday after I formatted the HDD to Ext4FS.

This issue is the Drive is owned by Root. Every time I manually move the SteamLibrary over using Root the owner changes to Root instead of keeping them same.

I did this with a another Distro I was using at the time with now dead drive.

I used Gparted to Partition and Format the thing. So how do change the owner from Root to Me?

Sorry if I put this in the wrong place.

:point_down: You may want to read the whole guide instead of just the quoted part for the full context/procedure.

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Followed the CheatSheet on the Wiki and changed the Owner to over to [my name] and I had to run Thunar as root to changed the group. After that I was able to move two games to SteamLibrary on the Ext HDD.

Sure some commands to type. At first I could move the game until I change the group.

Thanks for your help.

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Well everyone helped me solved this. And I looked at the Wiki as well.

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