How to migrate to an SSD without losing dual boot?

Right now i have Manjaro XFCE and windows 10 on dual boot setup, im planning to buy an SSD for my laptop since the default hard drive is very slow. Can i migrate to SSD without losing my dual boot setup ? if so, how to do it ?

As long as the size of the disks are same or very similar you could clone the disk and should be able to replace the existing disk with the new disk. It could be that you once have to re-select the new disk from your firmware before booting.

As long as the SSD is larger you can clone it as @Wollie mentioned. Then once you have the new drive working you can expand your existing partitions or create a new partition to use the additional space on the drive so space doesn’t go to waste.

Here is a link to a video that pretty much walks you through step by step how to do it. (including everything you would need.

For his example he is using ubuntu usb boot to do the cloning however you could easily use the manjaro usb boot disk and the commands would be exactly the same). The video even goes over what you have to do if your windows partition is encrypted.

I would use @Fabby’s handy Clonezilla installation proposal to easily Make a Cold System Backup.

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