How to make view cpu temperature in i3status bar or conky

Hi. i use manjaro i3wm on a rockpi4b. I would like to see the cpu temperature in the i3bar status or in conky. I have been trying to fiddle with the i3bar status config with no success. conky.config directly I couldn’t find it. has any idea?

I use py3status because it has more modules. You can install it and change the line status command i3status to status_command py3status -c ~/.config/i3status/config in your i3 config.

Then activate the cpu temp module in your i3status config with the following line order += “lm_sensors” You’ll need lm_sensors package installed on your system.
You’ll also need to add the following to configure the module:

lm_sensors {
	chips = ["coretemp-isa-0000"]
	sensors = ["package_id_0"]
	format = "{format_chip}"
	format_chip = "{format_sensor}"
	format_sensor = '[\?color=input {input}°C]'
	thresholds = [
	(0, "#5f00ff"),
	(20, "#00afff"),
	(40, "#d75f00"),
	(60, "#ff5f00"),
	(85, "#ff0000"),
	gradients = True

The thresholds stuff is to change the color output, you can change that if you want to.

I dont use conky so I cant help you with that.

Maybe you’ll have to detect the sensors first with sudo sensors-detect and your chip might have a different ID

The following link shows a list of all available modules in py3status and how to configure them.

Moved to ARM…

R E A D this L I N K

shortened answer…
most probably the path must be different.
open terminal and check the path to find "/sys/class/PATH-TO-Folder [coretemp.0/PATH/TO/temp1_input]

edit that in i3status.conf and restart, you should get it

Hi, thanks for the answers. It seems quite complicated. I don’t understand the line:

I already installed the module, but you refer to changing the line:


but I don’t have the file

You’ll have to point py3status to the location of your i3status config. Maybe yours is in another location.

possible locations:
    ~/.config/i3status/config (or $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/i3status/config if set)
    /etc/xdg/i3status/config (or $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS/i3status/config if set)

That’s according to man i3status

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