How to make use of RPM/DEB when printer vendor provides the Linux driver?


I need to install this driver ## AltaLink C8030 / C8035 / C8045 / C8055 / C8070 Color Multifunction Printer which is provided by the vendor at this page

But the driver is in RPM and DEB format. I am not sure how to install it on Manjaro. Can someone explain please?

That printer does not seem to have a driver in the AUR already.
What is usually done in these cases
(what these AUR packages do)
is to download and unpack either the .rpm or the .deb file
and put the contents in their proper places.
That is what the packages in AUR often do for you - so you don’t have to figure that out yourself.
In this case you might have to dig in a little and do that - or maybe someone can help you to do it.
Then there is the “debtap” package - and a similar one for dealing with .rpm packages which can aid in converting these to native installable Arch packages.
There is a learning curve with using these, too.

I’d recommend to download either the .deb or the .rpm and unpack it and see what is inside and whether you can figure out where to put it to have it working on an Arch system.

Sorry - can’t be more specific.

You can try it with package xeroxprtdrv from the AUR.
Might be it’s working for your device :man_shrugging:

maybe try with debtap. AUR (en) - debtap