How to make the terminal background transparent in ,Manjaro Gnome 40

Hello, today I’m confronted with the fact that in the Manjaro Gnome 40 terminal there is no way to make the terminal background transparent, maybe someone knows how to make the terminal background transparent

The normal Gnome Terminal does not support a transparent background.

You need to install a patched Version like gnome-terminal-fedora or gnome-terminal-transparency.


I started to use terminator. It has a lot of options to customize like transparent background.
You can install it using:

sudo pacman -S terminator

The gnome terminal doesn’t support this natively. But it’s possible to get around this with an AUR package. Go to the apps manager and look for “gnome-terminal-transparency”. After doing this the terminal transparency option will be in the “colors” tab in the appearance settings.

This is still open?

yay -S gnome-terminal-transparency

When it asks if you want to replace gnome-terminal answer yes.