How to make the GNOME Shell clock appear with a larger font?

What would be a good GNOME Shell theme to use for this?

Otherwise, can someone guide me to change some CSS file that does this?


For years Gnome has used compiled resourses - so there is no css to change.

You will have to extract the resources - then change the source - and recompile it.

This is a highly error prone process - I played around with the gdm lockscreen long time ago - I don’t recommend messing with it - there is a fair chance of getting weird issues with the shell.

I haven’t used Gnome for a long time - I had too many issues - so I switched to a simpler setup.

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Thank you for the answer!

If you don’t want to mess with your system, you can use a VM for testing.

Download and test themes, take some notes, pick your favourites.
You can find themes notably:

  • into Manjaro repositories
  • from AUR
  • at
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