How to make Shotwell automatically open in slideshow?

Hi All,
Is there a command that can be used to make Shotwell automatically open in slideshow?

I was able to add a line to VLC to automatically play a particular stream when I open it.

I right clicked on VLC in the menu and selected Edit Application, from there I selected Application and from there I was able to edit the Arguments section to include the stream and voila, every time VLC opens it plays my stream.

I am wondering if something similar can be done to Shotwell to make it automatically play the slideshow when it is opened?

Have you tried typing the following in a terminal? :arrow_down:

shotwell --help

I did not try that, however I did Google Shotwell command lines.

I did not find anything that worked though and have since moved on to Kuickshow.
That works well but for some reason it won’t remember a programmed keyboard shortcut, but I’ll make a separate post for that issue.

I did however try your tip for Kuickshow and have now learned a new tool to use.
Thank you for that!

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