How to make Samsung U Flex bluetooth headset work?


The device appears to be paired and connected as audio device.

I raised the volume in alsamixer, rebooted, and the sound is not hearable at all in the headset.

If I shut down the computer I hear in the headset the sound that the device has been disconnected.

Please tell me which commands’ output you want me to post here.

Please help me (I need them to work for, well, work).

Thank you.

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Here are a couple of discussions about

A couple of methods are also mentioned. AFAIK the connection/pairing should be done via terminal first, and probably the switch A2DP and HSP can help. Since there is a connection there, maybe is a bug and doesn’t recognizes that both 231B and 5B8C are on the same headset and connects only the microphone ?


I will look into what you suggest. I just want to point out that 231B and 5B8C are separate headsets (just the color differs). I want to try to see if the microphone works. And I should also try the other headset.

Thank you!

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