How to make pull request in Gitlab Manjaro?

Hello everybody,

As the title says and some here know that I always use Manjaro’s iso-profiles.

With that said, I would like someone to tell me how to “easily” make a pull request in Manjaro’s GitLab since I know there are things that need correction there

Of course, thank you in advance!

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Thank’s @megavolt!

Well, I’m not spam and I have a gitlab account

Although it wouldn’t even be very accurate since I know it’s the @Yochanan which maintains the iso-profiles and the only package that is having problems is the

But as everything is very difficult to move there, I leave here the recommendation for adjustments

The package xcursor-pinux is from the AUR and whoever is going to generate an iso will have problems if they don’t create their own repo-online

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Arch dropped xcursor-pinux to the AUR as part of their Spring Cleaning. I’ve replaced it in the lxqt and openbox profiles with xcursor-breeze. It was already part of the lxqt profile, anyway.

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Thank’s Yochanan!

Congratulations from Brasil

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Before the topic closes I show how wonderful the tool manjaro-tools is


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