How to make Proxy config in Manjaro XFCE environment?

The system I am using is XFCE, apparantly this version of manjaro does not come with the proxy settings that we get to see in the KDE or Ubuntus. The etc/profile is for command line, I have read thoroughly,

it inspires me some how, I don’t know whether it is possible or not to use the PAC like the typical ubuntu proxy.
I use a clash as the tunnel to connect to network, so that means the proxy is offering me a port on the local machine, like http → 7890, socks5 → 7891.
From the experience of the past using Ubuntu, I just need to take the proxy configuration and type the 7890 or 7891, then it’s all done, I don’t know how to do that in XFCE

Right click on the Network icon in the Panel > Edit connections…
In the opened window click on the name of connection you have, then at the bottom click on the Settings gear icon
Go to Proxy tab and do your thing :wink:


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