How to make permanent links and shortcuts to Windows partition

Hello everyone.
TL;DR: I want the entries “Documents” and “Download” in Dolphin to link to the respective folders on the windows partition. I also want to make shortcuts on my Manjaro desktop to link to specific folders on the windows partition. The problem is that the file paths seem to change every time I boot the system. How do I fix this?

Futher detail: I have Manjaro KDE installed on a ~93 GiB partition on my laptop’s SSD. The other ~372 GiB are allotted to the original Windows 10 install. Now, for instance, I edit “Downloads” in Dolphin and change the file path to:
This works as long as the system is running. But when I shut down, boot back up and try to open “Downloads” I get an error message in Dolphin saying that the folder does not exist.

I just double checked and it seems to work now - not sure whether that changed after a few minutes of uptime, or whether it changed when I double clicked the entry for the Windows partition in the file browser.

Either way, I want to be able to just click the entry and get to the folder immediately without having to work around it or wait after each bootup.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Instead of using UEFI, you could mount on /mnt a permanent alias.

Ex sudo mount /dev/sdb1/... /Downloads /mnt/Windows_downloads

I don’t quite understand what you mean. Could you specify?

You can have a look at

Create a permanent mount point to the device.

And please don’t use /mnt or /run.

  • /run is recreated when the user logs in
  • /mnt is for temporary mounts

Thank you. I followed your guide on “[HowTo] Use systemd to mount ANY device” and I updated the file paths accordingly. The partition now reliably mounts to /data/winpart/.

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