How to make pamac stop doing updates when I install packages?

When I install a package and the system have some pending updates, Pamac forces the update when installing the package. But I don’t want to do those updates (at least now).
Is there a way to make Pamac stop that?

When there are updates available, you should never install any packages without having updated your system first, because this would lead to a partial-upgrade scenario, and thus a broken system.


Hi @Talkys,

AFAIK, not really, no. As Manjaro is a rolling-release, it’s recommended and required to keep everything up to date. Failure to do so will end up in a unsupported partially updated state.


In Pamac → Settings → Advanced Settings, tick the box accordingly. It is your choice to do so, but you have been warned above.

PS: also using pacman -S packageName from terminal allows you to do so.


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