How to make login screen appear just on the primary monitor?


I don’t really mind having two login screens, but one is DisplayPort, and the other is HDMI. So the HDMI one lags behind DP, making it show picture a second or two later (most of the time, shorter).

The annoying thing is, if i’m in the middle of typing my password, and the second screen turns on, the cursor immediately switches to the second monitor!

Is this a bug? How do i make login screen only appear in the primary monitor.

Also, i’m not sure, but i believe the screens are switched, at fresh install, HDMI (that i use as my second to the right), was listed as primary, and DP which is in front of me, second. I switched them in the settigs, but i’m not sure they’re like that at login.

I want to have the login screen only appear at my primary monitor which is the one connected to DisplayPort. How do i do that? Also, how do i make it primary at the login screen?


You can add to /usr/share/sddm/scripts/Xsetup file the following line:

xrandr --output HDMI-0 --off

Probably in your case is not HDMI-0 but you can check by running from terminal
xrandr --query
And find exactly …

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Yes! Thank you so much!
It was HDMI-A-0 haha, so, thanks for the command to check!

This turns off the HDMI off completely at login, but there’s no annoying cursor jumping so i’ll use that for now.

Is there however, a way to turn the monitor on at login, but not having a login screen on it? Just the background? It takes a while to start showing anything, so it’s still blank when i log into the desktop. This would kind of “fire it up” before that.

But the solution works, so if it’s not possible, it’s fine (this is i think also how WIndows does it too, the second monitor is off at login). I’m just wondering.

Anyway, thanks! Now i can login without the cursor jumping around both login screens!

Sorry to revive this thread, but, is this possible to do for the lock screen as well?
Cause on the lock screen, there’s still 2 login screens. Can i force a login screen on just one monitor?

I know that wold be inconvenient if one of them dies, but still.
The cursor doesn’t jump as much on the lock screen, sometimes at all, so it’s not an issue there, just wondering.

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