How to make laptop not suspend when the lid is closed

I need to make the laptop not suspend when the lid is closed, instead i just need it to keep being on.

I know this can be done using GNOME tweaks, but I dont think Manjaro has GNOME Tweaks.

(By the way, I have not installed manjaro yet. If this is possible I will)
(I am going to use XFCE)
Thanks for any help

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Don’t know for the others, but in KDE you have system settings > Power management. There you can choose the action when closing the lid. So I quess this setting comes with every DE in Manjaro.

Correct me if I’m wrong, because I only use KDE.

You can change that behavior in the powermanager settings in XFCE. This is an XFCE feature.

Thanks so much, but I couldnt see the option when using VirtualBox. Is it because the operating system thinks VirtualBox is a pc?

It’s very likely that the option is only present if the system has detected a “lid switch”.

You can try an boot the live session on your laptop and see if the option is there.

In XFCE under Power Manager, there is an option to “Switch off display”, which I guess is what you want. It’s only available when the laptop is plugged in, battery doesn’t offer that option.

In addition, for laptop with external monitor, you can alter the settings in etc/systemd/logind.conf
e.g. to shut lid and keep laptop from suspend:
Uncomment the following:
Then restart computer


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