How to make github-desktop detect portable app vscode?

Because vscode from aur cant login microsoft account. So I download the vscode bin file from official site.

But this lead to another issue vscode cant be detected by system. Github-desktop cant use it as the default editor.

  • I already add .desktop file in the ~/.local/share/applications/
  • And vscode bin file is in the env path.

But neither works. So How to fix it?

You might consider using vscode (Code OSS) from the official repo’s:

sudo pacman -S code

Maybe you’ll have better luck with that. Cheers.

This code cant login microsoft account, my settings cant be synced. As I said in the first post

You haven’t mentioned the version in the Official Manjaro repo. Period. You have thus far only complained about the version from the AUR, and the version directly from Microsoft.

Are you aware that Manjaro repo’s and the AUR are two different things? To begin with, the AUR is not supported my Manjaro in any way, it’s only available as a courtesy to Users who wish to use it.

Whether or not Code from the official Manjaro repo will solve your issue, I can’t say. However, you’re welcome to install it, and test the functionality as much as you like. Maybe (as I said in the previous post) you might have some success with it.

sudo pacman -S code

Good luck.


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