How to make everything dark, but still look like Manjaro?

Hello everyone.

I just installed Manjaro KDE on my laptop and I really like it so far. I find it a little annoying though that I can’t set a global dark theme that still looks like Manjaro.

Here are my settings so far:
Global Design: Breath2
Plasma Style: Breath2 Dark
Application Style: Breeze

The top bar on every application, the bottom bar on the desktop, and a few apps such as Manjaro Hello and pamac are dark now. But Dolphin, Settings and most other apps are still light.

I have tried Breeze Dark as an alernative global design and/or plasma style, but they both replace the manjaro logo with the generic KDE/Plasma logo and and the green accent colors are gone, too. It just doesn’t look like Manjaro anymore!

So, can anyone recommend a way I can get both the Manjaro logo and green highlights AND a dark theme on all (or most) applications?

Thank you very much.

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Matchama ?

(to go with matcha for gtk)


I use those settings for mine and my dolphin and other KDE apps are dark. You might have to reboot to make it complete though. Or at least restart the apps.

PS: Remember to check that the “Colors” theme is also set to Breath2Dark.


Got it! I didn’t realize I also had to change a setting in “Colors”. Everything is dark now, as it should be. Thank you very much.


And to perfect those settings, select the Adwaita theme for GTK2/GTK3 applications in System Settings -> Application Style -> Configure GNOME / GTK Application Style… button.
This way you also have the ‘blue’ dark theme in GTK apps like Firefox, when you select text and so on, instead of having the green Manjaro color outside of QT applications.

I use the Breath-Dark themes for both GTK2 and GTK3 and it looks fine to me.
If you like Green or Blue is subjective though. :wink:
I just like my GTK theme to actually match my Plasma theme.

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Not really subjective, just that the System Dark theme use the blue touch instead of green, right? So to be consistent system wide you should use that, but at the end of the day, yes, user can select whatever he wants.

EDIT: ho my bad, no the color scheme used in the post above are with breath2dark COLOR theme, not “Brise Sombre” (I think the name is localized not sure may translate to Dark Breath/Breeze) which was what I though we were talking about.

Thanks for the advice everyone. I can’t really tell the difference between the different settings for GTK2/GTK3 style. What do those actually do?

It is the color theme for GTK (not QT) applications. You have to restart the GTK applications for that theme to take effect, install one like Gnome Video Player for example to test.

if you want it to be automatic as you click if you are on x11 check if xsettingsd is installed, if not install it
if on wayland check if gsettings is installed

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