How to make easy boot selection on power-up?


I recently set up a Manjaro partition on my Dell laptop, running Windows 11 on the other partition. Currently, it’s kind of a hassle to change between the two as I have to manually edit the settings in BIOS. There needs to be a specific set of settings for Windows to run, and same for Manjaro. Is there a way to set up some sort of nice GUI where I can just click which I want to boot and it will automatically change the settings?

Let me know if I can provide more detail.


I’m afraid such a thing is not possible.

The settings you are referring to belong to the UEFI firmware of your machine, which should be regarded as a separate operating system that runs until you select one of the installed operating systems via said installed operating systems’ own boot loaders — these boot loaders are themselves UEFI executables, as extensions to the UEFI firmware.

It is only upon choosing an operating system by way of the operating system’s own boot loader that the installed operating system takes over from the UEFI, with the exception of low-level UEFI routines that run in the background, in a specialized high-privilege mode of the processor (cores) that the installed operating systems do not have access to.

The only potential workaround I see — but I have no direct experience with this — would be to run one of the operating systems inside a fully virtualized environment whereby one can emulate even the machine’s UEFI and its settings.


Blame Microsoft for enforcing Secure Boot.

I know what you mean, that is super annoying and clunky.

Check out the rEFInd bootloader: The rEFInd Boot Manager

It is very easy to set up and supports pretty much any OS you can imagine. There is a nice, simple GUI to select the OS you want to boot, and many different themes are available so you can customize it however you like.

Here’s an example of someone’s boot screen:


How is installing a different boot loader going to boot the operating system with different UEFI settings? :thinking:


I am assuming they are switching between different boot options in the BIOS menu, depending on which OS they want to run. I did the same thing for a while because I had a distro installed that for some reason grub would not add to the grub menu even though OS prober was detecting it. It’s super annoying as OP mentioned.

Did you interpret the issue a different way?

Yes, I do. I’m interpreting it as switching between enabled and disabled Secure Boot, and possibly other UEFI settings as well. :thinking:

Reading through it again I see you are probably right–my bad!

I don’t mean to double-down on rEFInd boot manager here, but if it is a secure boot thing and you want a nice easy GUI solution you can look into setting up a shim, as described here: Managing EFI Boot Loaders for Linux: Dealing with Secure Boot


This may be odd one but possibly you can save different bios profiles?
Still the hassle to switch but easier than edit the settings manually.
Just a thought

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