How to make Canon Pixma G2010 printer work on manjaro?

I have a canon Pixma G2010 printer. Even though it says it works only on Windows, I installed printer manager and added the printer to my computer. Then I tried selecting some drivers and did a test print, but nothing happened. I got a notification that the print has been completed, but it wasn’t, the printer didn’t even start. Is there any way that I could make it work, if there are any please help.

Can you try to use that driver here: Canon PIXMA G2010 Drivers Download || Canon Printer Driver

The last file (Source file) Canon Pixma G2010 IJ Printer Driver for Linux.
Extract it and search for the folder ppd.
There are the driver files, which can be added via CUPS.

hey how to add via cups
Edit: I figured it out. Bro, but there was no ppd for my printer :smiling_face_with_tear:

Download this file:

Extract it with the file manager and navigate to /cnijfilter2-source-5.40-1/ppd/

Can you try the file canonmb2000.ppd and print a test page ?

This could be the right one to use.
However, just the ppd file will not do.
The driver as well as the ppd along with it should be contained in either:

AUR (en) - cnijfilter2-bin

(uses a precompiled Debian package, is a few years old, see perhaps also the comments)

AUR (en) - cnijfilter2

(driver gets built from provided source)