How to make a persistent live Manjaro USB?



I wish to create it. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance

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Describe how you make persistent manjaro live usb in general, and I’ll tell you how to have persistence bigger than 4gb.


If you use any tool that depends on casper filesystem for persistence, the first thing you have to take care about is the filesystem of the USB disk. It may not be FAT32 or any other filesystems which don’t support more than 4GB individual file.


Thanks for answering. I do not know how to make a persistent manjaro live usb unfortunately. That’s why I have just changed the title of my question.


Thanks for answering. Which tool do you recommend? Which filesystem do you suggest? Ext4?


Neither do I know how to make it. Some things I do know:

  • manjaro does not use casper to my knowledge
  • unlike arch linux and archbang that use systemd to create isos, manjaro uses aufs or overlayfs. Therefore their tutorials for this will not work. However, the used technology should in theory allow creating persistence, but I do not know of anyone having done it with manjaro
  • the process involves using file or partition to store changes, and using kernel parameters to make usb use it as an overlay with overlayfs or aufs. I do not know the right kernel parameters to do this with manjaro.
  • if you want persistence bigger than 4gb, you need to use persistence partition instead of persistence file. This is a limitation of fat32 filesystem
  • you probably need to use fat32 filesystem and manual formatting to create the live usb

I hope some of this is helpful. I wanted to do this myself some time ago, but there was not really much informagion available.


Have a look at Porteus forum, they have there a Porteus spin based on Manjaro. But a rolling release distro on a USB stick?


Thanks for answering. I will research abour Porteus.

I would like to try Manjaro on a USB stick because I like Manjaro software repositories and the fact that it is easy to install.


No (i.e.not like Ubuntu’s use of Casper for persistence). However, you can install Manjaro to a USB disk in the normal way.


Thanks for answering, jonathon. Would you do some special steps before installing Manjaro to a USB disk in the normal way?


Arch wiki has good info:

You may need to install bootloader manually. Mhwd-chroot will not work on mobile installation.


Hi, I found this one a lot complete, but too manual unfortunatly.
Hoping in helping on future manjaro tool that does that more automatize


Nowadays, just use manjaro-architect. You can install the package in your manjaro installation, and the use it to install manjaro to your usb device. It is not at all different from installing to a harddrive.


Instead of starting another thread I’d like to see if anyone has made a “live” usb with persistence for booting into Manjaro that allows for saving your preferences, etc. such as is possible with MX-16?


I don’t know of any reports of anyone succesfully doing a persistent manjaro installation. It should be possible, but only @artoo knows how and he started his own distro.

But installing manjaro on a usb stick has been done and is very easy to do. All changes are persistent because it is a real installation. It takes a bit more space from the usb device, but is in many ways superior to persistent live usb.


You can also take a look at


Arch on a stick - very nice! Maybe this is a dumb question but could you update this just like any other Arch installation?

Thanks, R.


There are different types of persistence. The possibility to update would be root persistence.


Hi eugen-b. Thanks for that. When creating a Live Manjaro USB with persistence, how does one create root persistence?

It would be lovely to have an up-to-date version on a stick :slight_smile:

Thanks, R.


There is no persistent Manjaro USB available. I know of Porteus Nemesis whis is now based on Artix.