How to make a bootable USB Stick with the Plasma daily development iso


i d like to give one of the developer snapshot a try but i don t know, how to get a bootable iso as the download isos have such a strange name like iso z01…

what do i have to do to make a bootable usb stick with that iso?

I download the latest from: Downloading File /kde-dev - Manjarolinux Community - OSDN

Checksum against the hash. Then burn the ISO using: Burn an ISO File - Manjaro

They are multi-part zips, download both .zip and .z01 then extract them with 7z x <>

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no, not those…i mean the daily snapshots

ok…i` ll try. thanks

You only have to run the command on the .zip, 7z will automatically detect that it is multi-part.

Those files are partially 7zip archive.

You will need to download all the files - then put them together using p7zip.

Then you will have an ISO which you can write to USB using e.g. Mintstick from the repo.

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Thank you very much for your help, that worked fine for me :slight_smile:

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