How to login into two user accounts at the same time, both using Wayland?

I have two user accounts on my laptop (KDE Plasma). One personal, and one for my job as I would like to keep these two separate. But sometimes, when I’m working, I need to access my personal account. Of course, I can lock the current user (super+L) and log into the other one. But I found an even easier way.

I just log into a different TTY (for example Alt+Ctrl+F3) with my other account’s credentials and then I run startx. This way I can have both users log into KDE at the same time. Then I can easily switch between the two account by going to either TTY1 or TTY3. It’s pretty handy. But the thing is that while my default window system protocol is Wayland, the second account that I log into by running startx will always be X11. I was wondering, is there a way to have the second account use Wayland as well?

For plasma you should be using



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