How to lock in a package's version?

I’ve been having an issue with the latest version of an AUR package (it’s slack but the package itself is irrelevant) so I have to keep using an older version. This is fine (it’s not great but I can live with it). The problem that I have is that now when I want to install a new package, there’s no way for me to leave out the slack and not update it. Pamac keeps trying to upgrade it to the latest version when I want to install a new package which will break it.

My question is, how can I lock in the version of a package and ask pamac not to upgrade it while I’m installing a new package?

I think you can add the package to ignored list in pamac. In Pamac gui’s preferences there’s an option to add individual packages to be ignored while updating.

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Thanks, I managed to do it but through updating the /etc/pacman.conf file. I couldn’t find the same feature in pamac’s GUI.

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Pamac GUI- Preferences-Advanced Tab-Ignored Updates click on plus sign (+), choose the package to ignore. Keep in mind that Manjaro is a rolling release and partial updates are not supported. Depending on what update you are ignoring, there is potential to break the system.

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