How to let Xfce install / recognize my HP printer, without using HPsetup

In KDE Plasma Manjaro my HP deskjet 3630 (all in one) printer does get recognized automatically during installation. But my HP printer did not get recognized automatically in Xfce (latest version, all the updates installed). Therefore I tried installing with HP setup. It does get installed when I do it manually. It does print, when I give the command, but all the pages stay blank. The same printer works flawlessly in KDE Manjaro.

Question: is there a trick, which I have overlooked, by which my printer does get recognized automatically? Or is there a setting in HP setup that I choose that I should not have chosen?

I had some problems with this printer too. Here are two articles from the archives that might help.

I can’t answer your question directly but here is what I did : I have 2 computers at home, my desktop (manjaro kde) and my wife’s laptop (manjaro xfce). I have a laserjet HP printer connecter to my network, and through usb on my desktop.
I can install the printer using the HP setup on my desktop but the installation fails on the laptop.

So what I did is I setup the printer using CUPS on my wife’s manjaro-xfce laptop. Works just fine.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the suggestions. I did have another good look at my problem and the weird thing is I did succeed in installing the printer and it even does print, but only blank pages. Then (eureka/how silly of me) I thought that the problem most likely could be located in the cartridges.

Origin of the problem AND the solution:
I just recently installed a NEW official HP cartridge, next to an old cheap brand-less cartridge and my HP printer would not tolerate those 2 different brand cartridges next to each other. I could either print with solely the official HP brand cartridge installed OR I could print with the cheap brand-less cartridge installed. But not with both…

I am glad I got it fixed. It wasnt a Xfce Manjaro problem at all. HP would not tolerate a brand-less cartridge next to it’ s own official brand.

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