How to let Wifi continue to work with Computer in Standby

Hi there, I am using

Manjaro Linux
Release: 18.1.0-rc7
Codename: Juhraya
With my Acer All in One C24 860

One Problem:
Need to keep my WIFI active while Computer is in Standby to keep on downloading files but everytime I can see while lock in again that right then also Wifi is starting to work again.
Is there any posibility to keep Wifi active?
Tried "Settings---» Energy "Wifi cloud be shut down" in "off" but this does not seems to work because it deactivates Wifi while click on the button.

Thanks in advance

imho it worked on Mint Linux (Standby = Wifi still active)

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Well, itś not turned off, so wifi should still working, will try to disable Standby and only switch off monitor while not in use.

Maybe this could work.