How to Launch the minimal display dialog

Hi, does anybody know how to manually launch the “minimal” display dialog that opens when you plug in a new monitor in xfce?

I know I can use xfce4-display-settings, but I’m looking for the simple “minimal” version that only shows the monitors and pops up only when you plug in a new display.

#### Minimal Dialog

The minimal dialog can be called when a new display is plugged in (given that the laptop send the appropriate signal). It should provide users quick access to four of the most-used modes:

  • Only Display 1

  • Extend desktop to the right

  • Mirror displays

  • Only Display 2

The “Advanced” button opens the normal display-dialog.


Looked for this for like 30 minutes then found it within 30 seconds of posting my question…

xfce4-display-settings --minimal

Hope this helps someone else.


Thanks for sharing that. Just recently, I had the same question. Maybe two minor additions:

According to the help output in the terminal (xfce4-display-settings --help), you can also use the slightly shorter form:

xfce4-display-settings -m

Additionally, when not having modified respective shortcuts in your system, also Ctrl+Alt+P is linked with this command and should open the minimal dialog.

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