How to label my partition, to show correct in dolphin?

My new created gaming partition showed with the wrong name β€œ196 GiB Internal Drive (sda3)” in dolphin.

As you see, i already named the label in KDE Partition Manager, but without success :frowning:

Optional Question, is ext4 or ext3 better for a gaming partition?

Edit: My β€œtemp” Partition named correctly, and the only difference between this Partition was because my β€œtemp” Partition was mounted in fstab and showed up in KDE Partition Manager under Mount point with /media/temp.

So my Gaming Partition are mounted in Dolphin with the difference under Mount Point /run/media/koboldx/Linux-games.

So can i mount my Partition with the correct name in dolphin or im forced to use Fstab?

Hmm i just found out that closing and re-open dolphin showed the correct label,
so its a temporary bug from dolphin, with unmounted partitions.

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