How to keep WiFi running while screen is off


I’d like to listen to radio streams (PinePhone Manjaro Edition). But it seems, that WiFi is suspended after the screen goes off. When the buffer runs out of data, the radio stream stops, of course.
Is there any possibility to prevent this?


I have this issue on Plasma Mobile. I don’t yet use it for my daily driver, but I do update and experiment with it. When I do, I just use brute force and kill upower and powerdevil. I do not know what Phosh uses, but should be similar. I am sure there is a better way, but since I am at a command prompt anyway, not hard to do and it does the job.

I neither use it as daily driver yet, but I try to find out what works and what doesn’t according to my needs.

So yeah, I found it in the settings menu (I translate the menu points from german):

Settings → Energy → Save Energy

here the point “Automatically go to standby” is clickable.

I didn’t realize this before what caused me to ask this question originally.
Here you can switch off “When on battery power” and that seems to be it.

Sorry for bothering you…!

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