How to jump to parent folder in Thunar

Hello Guys is it possible to jump for example /home/user to the folder /user without using the button on the left top corner in Thunar because I m search for a shortcut for this. does anyone know if something like this exist?

I found this but dont know whic Command gets me a folder top

Make up your mind. Where do you want to jump to?

  • a recent folder?
  • a specified folder?
  • any specified folder?
  • the root folder?

I want to jump to the folder that is above so for example when you are into /home/user and then you use a hotkey and jump a folder up to /home

I read something on google that I have to enable a custom keyboard mode or something like this before I can change a Hotkey in the Thunar config


It’s written in its menu entry.

To go ‘up’ a directory - to the parent.
While the same sequence using “back” or “left arrow” would be your previous location, no matter origin.

PS - this is so common its in just about every file manager, including windoze explorer.

Thanks is it working for me as well I will try to bind it on another key

This isn’t exactly what you were asking for, but it may apply. I like the text entry field, where you can type a file. In Thunar, under “Go”, it is “Open Location”. I don’t use the ctrl+l, but rather a slash “/” or “~”.

This was mentioned in the gtk doc for the File Chooser Widget, but it applies to Thunar too. You may need to tab to the right side and then “/” or “~”.

Okay but how to change this hotkey Alt+Up for example to another I know there is a file where you can set /change this hotkeys but when I save the file its not getting saved even when I open the file with sudo and I read something about that I have to enable a Custom Keyboard mode or something like this

Check your file manager options … I honestly dont remember if thunar provides this.

Late to the party but… I just use the back button on my mouse :slight_smile: