How to Install Wxwidgets in Manjaro?


i’m want to install Wxwedgets in manjaro but i don’t know how ,please any one who know’s how to install it .

easy to find this word “wxwidgets” in pamac/pacman/yay :wink:

pacman -Ss wxwidgets
yay wxwidgets
pamac search wxwidgets

and in pamac gui…

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For what?

  • wxPython — A cross-platform GUI toolkit for Python which wraps wxWidgets. || python-wxpython

  • wxPerl — wxWidgets bindings || perl-wxAUR

❯ pacman -Ss wxwidgets
    GTK+2 implementation of wxWidgets API for GUI
extra/wxgtk3 [installed]
    GTK+3 implementation of wxWidgets API for GUI
extra/wxmaxima 21.05.2-1
    A wxWidgets GUI for the computer algebra system Maxima
    Classic wxWidgets GUI toolkit for Python
community/wxsqlite3 4.7.3-1
    wxWidgets wrapper for SQLite3
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I was trying to

sudo pacman -S wxwidgets

i was need to do wxgtk3 !!
thnak you

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