How to install waydroid on Manjaro?

recently i got anbox working but it was preety sloow so i want to try out waydroid i have installed the waydorid package and did sudo waydroid -init and but the app wont open so could some one give me a whole tutorial to install it tnx.

You have to meet two requirements to run Waydroid:

  • run on Wayland session
  • do not run on Nvidia card
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Perhaps this might help: Waydroid - ArchWiki

tnx for your reply and help this happned when i tried to start the waydroid sessinon manager it gives me this eror.

XDG Session is not "wayland

how can i set XDG session to wayland?

this doesnt show how to use wayland.

Simplest way is if you use KDE – install plasma-wayland-session and on login screen you need to choose Wayland. Gnome probably have similar way. XFCE going to introduce Wayland support in 4.18. I don’t know other DE.

ok tnx ima try that tnx for the reply

i use xfce i tried but it didnt work i run weston then tried to start waydroid from there but still says XDG session isnt wayland.

I need my nvidia card in use for CUDA/OpenCL and support for apps that probably won’t be transitioning any time soon, if at all (especially commercial/niche apps like SideFX Houdini, TVPaint, OpenToonz, etc). Is there no way to get Waydroid to work with X11/nvidia?

No. It’s Waydroid, not Xorgdroid. :wink:

Then where is Xorgdroid?