How to install WayDroid in manjaro x64 arch Desktop?

is there any proper guide to install waydroid in manjaro desktop and run android app

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There’s an AUR (Arch User Repository) package, but I haven’t been able to get it to work properly yet.

It will only work on a Wayland session (hence the name), mind you. After installing, start the init process:

sudo waydroid init

Then start the container service:

systemctl start waydroid-container

There are menu shortcuts for preinstalled apps like Android Settings, etc. You can install x86_64 (possibly noarch?) APK’s with:

waydroid app install xyz.apk

See for more info.


did you try to install some app and which had worked for you

did you get waydroid working? if so pls help me out

yes , i was able to get waydroid to run perfectly in manjaro kde wayland session

ow i think i should just change to kde and try my luck it isnt working on xfce tnx.

you can try to install Weston a Wayland session for xfce it should fit your requirement

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