How to install Video DownloadHelper Companion App 1.6.3?

I want to download video from internet with video downloadhelper, after installed and click to download video, firefox shows up need to install Video DownloadHelper Companion. I need help to guild me how to do.

These are the commands in terminal. Change to directory where you downloaded the file. You may have to adjust for the correct version of VDH:

targz system-wide install:

 sudo tar xf net.downloadhelper.coapp-1.6.3-1_amd64.tar.gz -C /usr/local

 sudo /usr/local/net.downloadhelper.coapp-1.6.3/bin/net.downloadhelper.coapp-linux-64 install --system
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You don’t need all that just launch pamac and install vdhcoapp. While you’re at it click the hamburger menu, preferences and make sure AUR is enabled and flatpak and snap are enabled if you want them as well.


@Locutus: I forgot that this is available in the repository. Thanks.

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