How to install / uninstall with yay

I am fresh here.
Managed to install brave browser with yay .

Founded article with install brave on Manjaro .
Now searching how to uninstall with yay or revert instalation and dependencies which came together.

In short words :
How to install Brave Browser on Manjaro Linux using AUR
In terminal:

  1. installing some essential packages from the “base-devel” group.
    in terminal: sudo pacman -S --needed git base-devel
    Agree to install the provided 11 packages from the “base-devel” group: pressing Y[es]
  2. Next thing did, cloned “yay” repository using the git command.
    ($ git clone yay.git)
  3. Went into the “yay” folder and make it working directory:
    $ cd yay
  4. Used “makepkg” command. Also, add “-si” option to install the missing dependencies:
    $ makepkg -si
    There was request to download and install: Pressed Y
  5. After setting the “yay” repository and installing essential packages, executed below-given “yay”
    $ yay -S brave
  6. Choose to install “brave-browser” not the “brave-browser-beta”
    I chose 1 brave-browser

Now trying to understand how to uninstall with yay brave-browser

Any help would be great.

mkay :wink:

please do some reading on how Arch/Manjaro works and what the AUR is

You could have installed “yay” way easier … - through “pamac” - the Manjaro tool/frontend to manage Software which even has a GUI.
… and similar functionality as “yay” …
you likely did not even need to install “yay” … to get the brave browser

As for how to uninstall:
use this very same thing as well
or use the “pacman” command line tool
(or “pamac” - also a command line tool)

nearly every (command line) program has got a manual page, accessible via
man yay
man pacman
man $program_name

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Thanks. I realy am afraid of reading somewhere else than in this forum.
Your advise is also giving me guidance how to read and where to read.
Thank you.

Hmm …
reading doesn’t hurt - but discerning between between proper and improper information can be a challenge to someone new to Linux in general
different distributions have different ways of doing the same thing

Manjaro is based upon Arch - so:
the Arch Wiki is almost always applicable and a very good source of information
it should be your first or second go to source for any question …

This is valued information how and where it comes.
You see i first day use Manjaro. I need to do a lot of thing. I went 20 years behind glass.
And I learned important thing and received advisible guidance.
Instal/ remove test and find manuals. This is enought for a while. Arch Wiki , man yay , man pacman , man $program_name


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