How to install TWAIN driver for scanner?

Good evening.

I would like to run a Brother MFC-6490CW multifunction device under Manjaro on the USB port.
Brother only offers .deb or .rpm formats for the drivers.

  1. how can I make these .deb or .rpm files usable for Manjaro?

  2. how can I install TWAIN drivers for XSANE?

Am grateful for any tip.


You can find this package in the AUR: brother-mfc6490cw-cupswrapper
Install it with pamac build brother-mfc6490cw-cupswrapper

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2 options for the driver:
Like @chomsky said search AUR for your printer.
Or install debtap and convert the deb package to manjaro (Arch) package.

Good evening bikehunter666,
the links in AUR give error

404 - Page Not Found

I will try your advice debtap

Thank you for helping

Good evening chomsky.
With your help I could install the Brother printer driver.

But what about the scanner driver for the Brother?
Perhaps installation of TWAIN driver could help.
But I do not know how to install TWAIN in Manjaro.


According to this page, you might need the package brscan3 for the scanner driver, which is also in the AUR.

pamac build brscan3