How to install tar.xz?

Hello, How can I install a tar.xz file in Manjaro?

That is a compressed archive file, use an archive manager to extract it.


Is the program installed? I’m a bit of a novice. I was trying to install nodejs

Use the repositories:

$ sudo pacman -Syu nodejs
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Thanks, Bro.

what deference’s trying to install it via pamac?

Pamac has both a GUI and a CLI.

Simply search “nodejs” and click the install button and apply.

pamac install nodejs

i mean has any deference in any way?

No. It will install the package.

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There’s really no difference, just the way the two work.

I’ll just give you an addendum about the doubt here and an example:

  • I have two machines running manjaro LXQt and one manjaro Plasma and I use Audacity a lot, the package for my low-powered machines takes almost an hour to compile the audacity-wxgtk2 package.

  • So what do I do?! I only update on “one” of the machines via the repository and then I get the package compiled in /var/cache/pacman/pkg I put it on a pendrive and on my other machines I update the package locally with:

sudo pacman -S ./audacity-wxgtk2-3.0.2-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst


pamac install ./audacity-wxgtk2-3.0.2-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst

Where yesterday there was an update of the package and I performed the procedure, but I emphasize I do this with official packages from the repository.

Here I am just showing the example of how to install a local package, what would you do the same with a “.tar.xz” package.

T+ = See you later

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