How to install Sublime Text?

I was wondering which file should I install in Manjaro Gnome.
For example Sublime Text has these files:


Which one should I install?
And I tried also to search in the AUR but how can I be sure that these apps are safe?
btw I’m a newbie :slight_smile:

from where do you wanna download ?
the link below is the right one to download the valid *.iso (use the option to use the Image)

Wait, I mean that I’m on Manjaro Gnome, I would like to install third part app and I was wondering which file should I install, for example Sublime Text Editor has these types four types.
And I ask also about the AUR…
Thanks in advance

what are you trying to install ? please give a detailed description of what you’re trying. our crystal-glass-bowls do not work.

simple ! if is not in repo, we use aur (not download .deb .rpm or other) sublime-text-4

Click on the “Linux Repos” button and follow the instructions for Pacman.

Click the link to open the AUR website. Specifically look at votes (more = better), and comments. Also try looking at the PKGBUILD, see if anything suspicious is in there.

lemme start by saying the only packages you can deem “safe” are packages from official repo. in cases where official package does not exist, you are on your own. AUR packages atleast has some sort of assurance that it is bound to work, once the package is built in a form installable on (arch, or arch derivative). then comes original author built such as what you’ve mentioned that also might work out-of-the-box.

your options in AUR are;

aur/sublime-text-4 4.4143-4 (+60 3.33) 
    Sophisticated text editor for code, html and prose - stable build

your options from author; Linux Package Manager Repositories

which seem to have signed packages from author, which is good enough. personally i use some packages same way.

EDIT: the authors method is invasive but workable (puts in their private repo in pacman.conf). on the plus side, you will get updates as soon as it is available from author with a regular pacman update request, with no other intervention required.


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