How to install specific kernel version?

manjaro settings manager → kernel lists version 5.10.15-1 and 5.9.16-1, nothing in between.
I’ve got issues hibernating that first occurred with kernel 5.10.7-3. Before that I was running 5.10.2-2. I’d like to revert to 5.10.2-2 to see if kernel version could be related to the issue. How do I install that one version when it’s not listed?

perhaps it is still in your pacman cache?
ls -hl /var/cache/pacman/pkg | grep linux
then you should be able to install it with:
sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/linux_xxx

Make sure you have at least one different major version kernel installed alongside that you could fall back to if that somehow doesn’t work without hiccups.

5.10.7-3 is the oldest available there

There is an archive of past versions somewhere online.
But I can’t be more specific.

I didn’t find anything like that for Manjaro - just for Arch.
There, downgrading is possible, there is an archive of previous versions independent of what is in the local pacman cache.
… doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist - just that I didn’t find it

Do you specifically require kernel 5.10? You could try 5.4 which is an LTS kernel also.

I’m using zfs. There were a lot of issues that got fixed late 2020. I don’t remember which versions fixed this. I’m afraid going too far back will cause data loss. From pacman.log I’ve found that I installed 5.10.2-2 on 2020.12.31. As my issue with hibernate showed up in February with kernel 5.10.7-3, I’d like to revert to the version I was running before this. Thats why I specific would like to revert to 5.10.2-2.

I’m interested in that as well, for similar reasons.
I’m currently stuck on 5.11.6, which is still installed and running, but not in the cache anymore.
I don’t dare to update beyond it, in case the new version is not working.

Any pointers on where to download 5.11.6 again?