How to install sound support for droidcam

I’ve been trying to install droidcam on manjaro, i’m a new user at linux and finally i could install it but without the sound support, so what i need to do to install sound support? I think it’s not impossible so anyone can help me with that? Also, when i was using debian-based distributions, for make the sound work, i needed to load some audio loop device and then i could use the sound, i suppose that here I’ll need to do the same thing, right?

There is the article on droidcam. As the author of that article I must admit that I have not tried to audio working. - The source may hold the key to get audio working - droidcam/install-sound at master · aramg/droidcam · GitHub

Judging from the comments on the AUR page there seems to be some scripting available but I have not tested it. - AUR (en) - droidcam

The article only covers how you get droidcam to connect to your phone’s camera - nothing on the microphone.