How to install Software over "Applications" in Manjaro Hello


i’m a long time german linux user since 2006, most time i used ubuntu, but now after a few years with windows 10 & 11 i’m back to linux and testing manjaro LXDE. I like LXDE very well, most time about my linux career i used this DE. I’m a Fachinformatiker Systemintegration and this is not my first posting at forums :slight_smile:

Thats about me :slight_smile:

Now my Question:

How can i install Software with the Applications?

i mark the software on the right side and there is the option “UPDATE SYSTEM”. I click on it but nothing happens. Nothing. Is it me?


Latest downloadable LXDE Version of Manjaro.


Hello @Steev and welcome :wink:

Normally with pamac on the terminal or the GUI pamac-manager, also called “Software hinzufügen/aktualisieren” in german at the menu.

Well… I can use manjaro-hello. I click on Update System and it triggers an install dialog of pamac-manager.


  1. Is pamac installed?
  2. Is the database updated and is the system updated?
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i took the latest yesterday Version from the official Manjaro Site. LXDE Version. Community.

i don’t know if pamac installed, but i need it?

i think the manjaro Hello App Installer must work without it at a Clean Installed Manjaro Desktop Version, or not?

System and Database updated yes,

ok pamac was not installed. i installed it, and now it seems to work, thank u.

best regards

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I guess the maintainer thought that a LXDE User would use the terminal anyway and to make it more lightweight, he did not include pamac by default.

Don’t forget to mark a solution.

Best regards :wink:

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Yes but I am an old man and I am an adapted user. At least privately :wink: :smiley:

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