How to install packages ending with "-git"?

hello everyone,
I am fairly new, Recently I tried installing two packages “ueberzug-git” & “ctags-git”
when I run the installation command both of them gave me a vim like command line mode situation when I scrolled down it says END in the last . I some how escaped and when ran the command again it asked for installation but the application is not working as expected.
I think I have messed up the installation part by doing just anything :sweat_smile:
Is there a guide to how to install these packages properly step by step.

What command?

yay -S python-ueberzug-git
yay -S ctags-git

these two

Regarding vim, supposedly it’s yay allowing you to review the packages PKGBUILD. After checking it is as expected, you can close without modification with :q.
Alternatively, you can use pamac to install AUR packages, either graphically (enable AUR support in the options) or in command line (pamac build my-package).

Regarding your installed application, since you installed a -git package, you use the very last development version. As you would presume, stability is usually not as guaranteed as with a released version.
I can only recommend you to use released versions, or to seek support from the applications devs.

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understood thankYou.

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