How to install nvidia drivers for old gpu?

I want to switch to manjaro but I cant find a way to install nvidia drivers for my computer. I have a really old gpu (Nvidia Quadro FX 3800) but there are drivers for it on the nvidia website. They come as a .run file but when I try to install it it says you need to blacklist nouveau kernel driver or something like that. How do I do that or is there another easier way of installing the drivers

Do not install drivers from Nvidia directly. It is not supported and will have files installed in the system not tracked internally by installing the Nvidia way, always use the package manager to install files in the system to avoid issues.

Apparently you card is supported only by the 340 series drivers, which unfortunately is not officially supported by Manjaro anymore (or Nvidia actually).

You may have a solution though if you want to pursue your venture with Manjaro. You could simply use the open source driver, and see if it works like that, and if it does, just use this driver.
If you require to use the Nvidia 340 driver, you could still install it following this guide (use kernel 5.4 or 5.10 only)

and you will also probably need to manually add this new workaround too (this is for the 390 series driver but probably would work for the older 340 driver)

But just test with the open source driver first, if it works I wouldn’t get into more trouble with the Nvidia 340 driver and its lack of support from Nvidia.

try to check fisrt return of

sudo mhwd -l -d 

priority high should work , be careful with series nvidia quattro drivers linux , many times they do not recognize the video card