How to install MS Office 2016 on manjaro KDE 21.0

Earlier, I tried to install MS Office 2016 on ubuntu 20.04 using play on linux and wine hq , but sometimes either powerpoint won’t open or installation is not successful.
I am getting accustomed to libre office.
Any help would be appreciated.

Find packages in pacman and/or AUR first.

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Windows applications are notorious difficult and it has become increasingly difficult with newer versions. The closest thing I know of to a working office installation is to use Crossover

Don’t download the trial version from their web - Manjaro has it in official repo - by explicit agreement with Codeweavers. Now who is Codeweavers you may ask - they are the primary contributor to Wine - the windows compatibility layer - with bug-fixes and improvements.

Don’t take my word for it (though I have been using it for approx. 15 years) - install it - 14days trial - so you can verify it works - but a license is not expensive if you really need MS Office on Linux - it is with 12 months updates not version specific - and a lifetime license for the version you buy - and you can use the same license for all your personal computers (commercial installations not included).

sudo pacman -Syu crossover
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