How to install mesa-git?

i went to test the least master build for crocus driver to report issues to the GitLab page

there safe way to do it and downgrade it again when I’m done with testing

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You can install it from the AUR. mesa conflicts with mesa-git so you have to remove it. Next time when you install mesa it will automatically remove mesa-git so no need to downgrade anything:

pamac build mesa-git
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i get this error :

Error: Failed to prepare transaction:
could not satisfy dependencies:

  • removing vulkan-mesa-layers breaks dependency ‘vulkan-mesa-layers’ required by lib32-vulkan-mesa-layers

Edit build files : [e]
Apply transaction ? [e/y/N]

Many -git AUR packages work only with the Manjaro unstable branch, since AUR packages usually closely follow the Arch stable branch, which has slightly more recently-updated packages than the Manjaro unstable branch. So, you may be able to resolve that by switching your environment to the Manjaro unstable branch.

First install lib32-mesa-git from AUR and then try to install mesa-git:

pamac build lib32-mesa-git

Mostly a semantic thing, but is mesa-git which conflicts with mesa

Highly doubt this is true

lib32-mesa-git depends on mesa-git, please check pkgbuilds dependencies before making this kind of suggestion

Now Disregard what has been suggested so far

For this scope any AUR helper in unsuitable

Best way is to build the pkgbuilds in a clean chroot, create a local repository and add/remove both at the same time

You can use buildpkg from the manjaro-tools-pkg-git package for chroot build and darkhttpd webserver for creating the local repository

Since mesa-git and lib32-mesa-git share the same source is better to configure a common source folder (SRCDEST= in /etc/makepkg.conf , you can copy it into your home folder as .makepkg.conf if you don’t want to edit the system’s one)

For building a pkgbuild with buildpkg:

git clone
buildpkgc -p mesa-git

Move the builded package to a folder dedicated for the repository, in there type:
repo-add $VAR.db.tar.gz *.pkg*

This command create the database of the packages, where $VAR is the name of the repository

The darkhttp systemd service for my repo

$ cat /usr/lib/systemd/system/darkhttpd@fabio.service
Description=Darkhttpd Webserver

ExecStart=/usr/bin/darkhttpd /mnt/SHARE3/Webserver/repository --mimetypes /etc/conf.d/mimetypes --port 2000


Created copying darkhttpd@.service as darkhttpd@fabio.service and edited to specify the folder to serve
sudo cp /usr/lib/systemd/system/darkhttpd@.service /usr/lib/systemd/system/darkhttpd@$USERNAME.service

Service start and enabled with:

sudo systemctl enable --now darkhttpd@fabio.service

The repository configuration:

SigLevel = Never
Server =$repo/$arch

To be added to /etc/pacman.conf and /usr/share/manjaro-tools/pacman-default.conf (in this also uncomment the multilib repository to build lib32 pkgbuilds)

After the repo is operational you can build lib32-mesa-git

git clone
buildpkgc -p lib32-mesa-git

After the package is builded move it to the repo folder and re-created the packages database

It is true. I started using Manjaro with the stable branch and had many breakages with AUR packages over the 6 months I was using it that way. Switching to the unstable branch resolved almost all those issues and I’ve had no issues that weren’t also issues for Arch users with AUR packages in the 2 years since then.

In 6+ years on Stable branch didn’t have an issue that wasn’t also an Arch issue