How to install Materia pack?

Hello, I wanted to install the bautiful theme from the store. And then I get this description. I understand ZERO.


Materia pack for Plasma 5 desktop.

Please use Kvantum Engine and Theme for better looking:
pling dot com/p/1229126

Install full Materia pack from my collection.

→ Ok. Theres a file to download. Ok. And now? Where is the information, what I have to do? I hope someone can help me. Thanks guys!


You can install materia-kde-theme from the repos directly:

sudo pacman -S materia-kde kvantum-theme-materia

As @ishaan2479 said and as is on the GitHub repo:

sudo pacman -S materia-kde kvantum-theme-materia

Or, the distro agnostic method:


wget -qO- | sh


wget -qO- | uninstall=true sh

Sorry I didnt describe correctly
I already have it and I use it. But I dont have the dock bar at the bottom and all the things

I don’t use this particular theme but it’s a theme, just a theme.
You can add the docks, panels yada yada in Plasma as usual (Right click desktop → Add panel → …), can’t you?

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If you want something similar to this then go to Settings > Appearance > Global Theme and check the option Use desktop layout from theme and before applying.

I did exactly, but didnt work. I have the colors etc. from the theme, but the rest is just like standard.

Install latte-dock and launch it from menu.

Yes I can add panels, but I have no option to add a dock like in the picture postet by ishaanbimwal

You can use latte-dock as @openminded said, or, you can add a plasma panel and resize it to look like a dock (the first one is more functional).

Ok that worked, thx, and how can I install the taskbar on the top, like we see in the picture?

Right click on desktop > Add Panel and choose one

You can add a panel anywhere and later move it to top

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