How to Install Manjaro Xfce alongside existing Ubuntu 20.04 installation?

Before I want to decide to switch to Manjaro, I want to testdrive Manjaro for a while.
I have a Laptop with Ubuntu 20.04 installed and 100 GiB free disk space and a bootable usbstick with Manjaro xfce 21.1.6-211017.
What are the steps to install on my Ubuntu laptop, so I can dual boot Manjaro and Ubuntu?
I can not find good articles on the internet whow to do it. Only dual boot with windows is explained.

First, decide what partitions you want to use:

  • /
  • /home {optional}
  • swap {optional}

I would prepare the partitions upfront with Ubuntu (incl. formatting and flags).

Then install Manjaro using just assigning the prepared partitions in Calamares.

  • If booting Ubuntu in UEFI mode, boot the Manjaro live ISO in UEFI mode as well and assign the existing ESP for the boot loader.

  • If booting Ubuntu in BIOS mode, boot the live ISO in BIOS mode as well and assign the MBR as location for the boot loader.

If UEFI is considered, boot via firmware into the new Manjaro install.

Change the /etc/default/grub file to achieve following settings:


Then run

sudo update-grub

reboot and enjoy!

I wonder how you jump to ask in the forum when the web is full of results…

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Wouldn’t the “install alongside” option automatically use that free space?

Thank you for your help.
It works.
Instead of preparing the manjaro partition with Ubuntu, I created free diskspace, by shrinking a Ubuntu disk partition with gparted from a bootable usbstick with a bootable Ubuntu livecd. During installation I created with the manual option of the manjaro installation program an ext4 partition for the manjaro installation and mounted it as /.

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