How to install Manjaro on old Samsung GalaxyTablet 10.2?

I am interested to install on my old Samsung Tablet Manjaro Linux so that I may use my usb Microscope for biological scientific use .
May somebody give me hint how to do it please?
Thank you.

A question I have after a quick search for the model.
(I assume you want to replace the OS on the device)

Have you done some research yourself on this and how far have you come so far?

Hi Hanzel,
I wish to replace or ideally to have second boot options, thought if not possible to have as second option replace will still work for me just fine.

Thanks for care. I did some research, not too much extensive. I watched a video on youtube: How to Install Ubuntu on Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android Tablet! - YouTube and tried to find if somewhere I can find a

from What I have seen so far, I look as if there has been some success in past, thought not many people were interested in doing the linux transformation, but there use to be available some how to do it.
here is one that looked quite possible, though hard to follow as many links are not available any more:
and also:
other was this how to:
Rooting Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 Model P3110

in any case It look as if i will need kernel build for model GT-P5110 and some usb drivers to connect tablet. from what I saw until now was only a build for model GT-P3110 and I am not sure if that is of any help with my model at all.

I also do not know if there is difference in 10.1 and 10.2, but assume that they will be the same bios build just fine.
did I explained something?

The fact you have to ask - make it highly probably you are going to brick your device.

And if you do - who’s at fault - the idiot at Manjaro forum which provided some pointers.

Manjaro ARM is made available for a limited number of devices - and unless you a lowlevel engineer you shouldn’t experiment with untested devices and Manjaro support no Samsung devices.

You can check the Tablets Archives - PINE STORE for a Linux compatible device.

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ok, I see, so at the end it really ends up on decision of doing a conscious shopping straight from the beggining. I assume it is not very likely in future to be able to run linux on THE BIG TECH devices, unless

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