How to install Manjaro on mdadm RAID1/10

Please, how to install Manjaro via the standard installer or the Architect on /dev/md/XXX mdadm built SW RAID device? Device easily created but both UI installer and Architect reject to mount it as a root partition /. Is it possible or not supported at all?

There is bug in Architect… and calamares has only partial implementation of RAID Support.

Workaround for architect:

Use for the first Raid the name /dev/md127, for second /dev/md126 and so on.

Otherwise install it manually:

Thank you for the quick answer but a little bit confused. If I create an array via:
mdadm --create ... /dev/md/MyRoot and it defaults to /dev/md127 menu 8) in Architect offers only an option /dev/md/md127 which obviously doesn’t exist and cannot be mounted.

Oh, great, responding now to your second amended part… Manjaro can be installed in the similar veins as Arch, right? I installed Arch many times so if this is an option it’s absolutely OK. I wasn’t sure if Arch-like manual installation of Manjaro would not corrupt anything.

Yes… Architect is just an easy go menu for the arch way of installing.

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Perfect. Thank you.

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